Friday, May 12, 2017

This is how HomeAway will screw you even if your rental was dangerous, disgusting & unhealthy

If you are new to this blog, check in here -- Expedia/HomeAway thinks that illegal, unhealthy and dangerous rentals are OK! (Visa agrees!) -- for a summary and links to photos, videos, audio files of rats in the walls, emails and other items documenting our dangerous and disgusting HomeAway Horrors.

While Airbnb is the giant and gets all the attention,  HomeAway -- owner by Expedia -- flies mostly under radar.

You need to know that the HomeAway lawyers have written a horrendous, lengthy, and totally self-dealing set of terms and conditions that are sure to leave you screwed no matter how fraudulent, dangerous, and disgusting the rental might be.

If things go wrong, HomeAway will NOT be there for you.

We learned that the hard way when we got a hazardous, disgusting, fraudulently represented, and unhealthy rental. We found out that HomeAway will not lift a finger to make anything right.

Epic-Length Terms of Service Designed to Screw You.

image of whole ToS
It's doubtful that anyone but the HomeAway lawyers and screwed visitors like us ever read the 12,721-word HomeAway Terms and Conditions.

Among those 12,721-words (image of the whole thing at left) is language making sure that even if the rental property owners were ax murderers, and HomeAway knew they were ax murders, and the ax murderers sliced and diced your family, you have agreed not to sue HomeAway for anything.

The specific terms and conditions (below) in that "screw the consumer" document spell that out in excruciating detail in difficult-to-read, all-upper-case letters:

And note the last two lines that while they have no responsibility in any way, you can't settle with a property owner without their permission.

HomeAway: Totally Non-Responsible 

If you are foolish enough (as we were) to use HomeAway to rent a place in a foreign country, or another state you have no legal recourse other than to sue the property owner in that distant place.

And, no matter what you might get from the owner, HomeAway's ToS says they have the right to approve or disapprove it.

Bottom line: Avoid HomeAway! When things go wrong, they just tell you to fuck off.

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